Performance NIght
Performance Night
Performance Night
Performance Night Interdisciplinary School (PNIS): Master Class

A 12-hour performance and site-specific installation located in the alleyway adjacent to The Spoke Club, Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2012.

This was an absurd parody of academia where the public was invited to watch and participate in a 10-minute master class. After a quick lecture on the history of performance art, participants selected sound, video, and their artistic intent, from a range of ridiculous options. Then participants performed their original work for a live audience. A class critique and graduation ceremony followed each performance.

Thanks to Shantha Roberts, Raji Aujl, Scott Sorli, Alexia Dyer, Reena Katz, Ned Petrie, Heather Nicol, Karen Justl, Surendra Lawoti, Jessica Thompson, Marc Crain, Paul Gagnon.